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If only planning the perfect wedding were as easy as falling in love...

If you're like 38% of Americans today, you're not a member of a church or synagogue, which makes the wedding ceremony planning a little trickier. Did you know that, if given the option, at least 3 out of 10 wedding guests would prefer to skip the ceremony and only attend the reception? Why? Because, for the most part, wedding ceremonies are boring. Not only are the ceremony scripts dull and predictable but, due to the traditional placement of the Bride and Groom with their backs to their guests, the most emotionally interesting parts of the ceremony, your faces and your vows, go virtually unseen and unheard.

There are plenty of wedding officiants who will address your spiritual needs and deliver a ceremony that celebrates the sacred nature of the marriage vows. Your local Justice of the Peace or other authorized public official can ask the proper questions and issue the proper forms that will make your marriage legal.

These days you can even have your cousin ordained over the Internet so he can preside over your wedding ceremony!

But if you let us preside over your ceremony we can transform your wedding ceremony into an unforgettable celebration of love that delights your guests and creates beautiful life-long memories of the happiest day of your life! We have lots of unique ideas and can help you create a special, personlized ceremony.

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What Can Be Included In A Wedding Ceremony?

Here Are Some of The Many Things That May Be Included in A Religious or Non-Religious Wedding Ceremony.

Wine Ceremony...Unity Candle Ceremony..Sand ceremony...Unity Cross Ceremony...Ceremonial Signing of Marriage Certificate...

Vows to Children of Bride Or Groom...Flower Bouquet Ceremony...Wine Box Ceremony.

thumbnailCA3LMJXJ.jpgTribute to Grandparents and/or Parents Ceremony... Humorous Pre-Vows...Customized Wedding Vows...

_MG_8248.jpgWedding Stories or Legends...Advice from Family and Friends.

Giving & Exchanging of Herbs... Special Humorous Readings... Question of Support Directed to Wedding Guests...

Giving of Rose To Parents...Giving of Rose From Groom To Bride...The Rose Ceremony.

Special Welcome to Guests...Humorous Wedding Vows...Unique Ring Explanations...Memory Candle and/or Special Remembrances for Deceased Family or Friends...

Renewing of Parents Wedding Vows... Renewing of Guest Wedding Vows...Lasso...Jumping the Broom.

Specialized Prayer...Blessing of The Rings....sand-unity-ceremonyxsmall.jpgParents Prayer...Hand-fasting/Binding of Wrists...Crowning of Bride & Groom.

Scripture Reading & Prayers...God's knot...Religious or special song...Breaking of The Glass...Sharing the Cup of Joy & Sorrow..Ringing of The Bells...Ring Warming...Toasting Ceremony.

We will be more then happy to explain any of these to you and help you come up with a truly unique wedding ceremony. We do not provide any of the equipment for these ceremony add-on's but will gladly tell you what you need and the best place to buy them.

So remember if you add any of these extras....have all equipment needed at your ceremony.


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